Fysikum computer registration and network address request

Registration of a new network node.

We are required to keep a record of a person responsable for each node on the network, as well as the physical locations of all nodes. This is in order to be able to respond quickly in case of disturbances caused by malfunctioning or hacked computers or any other kinds of abuse.

This form will send a registration request for obtaining a connection on the wired network at Fysikum. You should normally receive an e-mail within the next work-day about the status of your request.

Please note that only employees at Fysikum (including PhD students) can register machines. All others are invited to use the wireless network, since that doesn't require any host registration.

If you provide the network outlet name we can make sure the outlet is enabled and properly set up for your node at the same time as we assign an IP number.

Please check the information you give, carefully. Any error will result in a non-working connection for your node, and/or a longer registration procedure.

Your (or your supervisor's) SU username:
Machine's location (room number):
Machine's physical address (MAC address):
Network outlet name (in room): (optional)
Machine's OS:
SU owned or private machine:
Computer type:
Comment: (optional)

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