How to find the network outlet name

In some places, the outlet name label is placed directly on the outlet. In this case it's obvious. However, in most cases at AlbaNova, the network outlets are placed on a "stave" with the outlets numbered from 1 to 3, looking like this:

The stave outlets are then connected to outlets placed in the cable-tray close to the ceiling. That's where the proper name labels are located:

The standard connection scheme is that outlet "1" is the "TELE" outlet, and the other two are "DATA". In the above example, stave outlet "1" is connected to "EA01 21A 14", and outlets "2" and "3" are connected to "EA03 01C 03-04". Thus, if your computer was to be connected to stave outlet "2" in this example, you would give "EA03 01C 03" as the outlet name.

Note that it is possible to use stave outlets "1" also for computers, as they are no longer reserved for telephones.